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Christmas Gift Guide for Home Theater Enthusiasts

Jan 30, 2018 2:03:03 AM / by Sample HubSpot User

Maybe you're feeling generous and want to treat your besties or just simply looking for a practical gift that your whole family will enjoy. Christmas is a good excuse to splurge on items that you normally don’t get for yourself. Going along with the topic of home theater and projector setup, we guess it’d be right to give you some suggestions, so you can prepare yourself for this year’s festive seasons.

  1. Projectors

Starting with the obvious necessity for your home theater experience, you may want to check out a great quality projector at a fairly reasonable price that won’t break your bank. It’s definitely a generous gift but you may not find a better way to surprise your loved ones than giving them the top-notch entertainment experience without having to go anywhere. A 4K DLP projector is certainly an investment for setting up a home theater that will last you a long time. 

Following our previous articles on the different types of projectors in the market, you probably understand that projectors come in different price ranges and features. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a gift, we have an option that may have ticked all the requirements in your list. Zenbility V8 Plus Mini Projector offers every feature you need for setting up a great home theater with just under $400. Built with an advanced Master Chip and lightning fast CPU system, the V8 Plus offers the highest definition available in the market with a stunning 4K DLP projector display and 3D capabilities. To learn more about this amazing portable and sleek 4K DLP projector, you can check out this link here. Screening your Christmas movies with tthe V8 Plus projector will be the best way to snuggle up and enjoy the cinema experience with your families and friends without having to leave your house.



Optoma UHD60 4K Ultra HD is another home theater project that’s got a lot of hype. It’s known to provide true 4K ultra high definition with a bright 3000 lumens and cinematic colors producing the brightest whites and deepest blacks. Despite its promising features, you may want to think carefully before making your purchase, as it comes at a hefty $1,999.


  1. Speakers

Samsung M7 speaker ($179.99) is user-friendly and easy to set up. It also sounds great, supports Bluetooth and high-res audio and can even connect to your Samsung TV for even more functionality.

Samsung_speakers_large (1)-1.png

  1. Receivers

Marantz NR1403 ($399.78) is a great mid-range receiver that will improve any home theatre set up. NR1403 is significantly thinner than most AV receivers while packing in six HDMI inputs. One of the biggest downsides is that there's no built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet, so features like smartphone control and integrated streaming are missing. You'll also need a separate device for wireless audio streaming since there's also no built-in Bluetooth


Onkyo's TX-NR636 ($699) is a big-feature receiver the kind of size that shows it means business. The list of features includes Dolby Atmos support and High-Resolution Audio streaming. HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 means the receiver is potentially more future-proof than its competitors.


  1. Streaming devices

Apple TV ($149) has undeniably gained its popularity in the market offering the option to stream all video content in the iTunes Store, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Youtube and other online services to your HDTV. Although it may not have access to all the streaming apps that the US can get, the Apple TV remains a quality streaming device that's perfect for anyone who has a big iTunes library.


Roku Ultra ($100) is a more affordable alternative to stream 4K and HDR. The Ultra sports an Ethernet port to help improve connection speeds and a MicroSD card slot to show people pictures. Additionally, it also has a USB port, so you can view content from any compatible device.


  1. Accessories

Logitech Harmony Elite and Pro Remote Control Systems ($281) can keep you from having a clutter of remote controls. This system can then replace some of the functions of your remote control collection with its remote control or via smartphones with an installed app.


Panamax MR5100 Home Theater Power Management System ($309.50) is a convenient, centralized, power management system that provides all the power outlets for your home theater gadgets, coax and ethernet cable connections. The MR5100 features a front panel display that shows the incoming voltage and also aids in clearing up power interference and provides surge protection (including automatic shutdown)


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