4K Projector for PS4 4K Games

Take your PS4 gaming to the next level with the Zenbility V8Plus 4K projector. Seamless graphics, high-speed movements, and crystal-clear resolution are all vital to your gaming experience. To get the best results, you’ll need high definition, 64-bit architecture, and a 1.4 GHz processor.

This lightweight and compact projector has a sleek design, which means that your projector will never overshadow the true reason everyone calls you over for game night—the high definition.

zenbility V8Plus 4K Projector for PS4 4K Games


High Definition

The Zenbility V8Plus 4K (3840 x 2160 Pixel) projector has 4K resolution, meaning it has ultra-high resolution for gaming. Your video games will always be crystal clear. The resolution that 4K offers is a higher quality than even 1080P. Your PS4 games will have a cinematic quality to them that feels closer to reality than real life. Never miss a move again with this projector.

64-Bit Architecture

Are smart quad core processors important to your PS4 gaming experience? It depends if you want lag time slowing down the action. The 640-bit architecture in the V8Plus 4K projector has a processor that can handle fast action and high-quality graphics. Your ultra-fast movements, tactical plans, and ever changing landscapes will look as seamless as you expect them to.

1.4 GHz Processor

64-bit architecture and high definition won’t mean a thing without a quality processor. The 1.4 GHz processor in the V8Plus is a smart processor that combines the speed of the 64-bit architecture and the quality of 4K resolution. The processor will ensure the speed and quality picture will always work together in complete symbiosis. Your PS4 gaming won’t slow down because of conflict between speed and resolution.

Lightweight and Portable

You don’t need to carry around a giant projector with you whenever you want high-quality gaming. The V8Plus 4K projector weighs only 1.5 pounds and is so light it can be placed on practically any shelf.

It clocks in at just under nine inches long and is only 1.6 inches high, which means you can easily pop it in any bag. It also stows away easily, allowing you to take your gaming with you just about anywhere.

Anthony Huang
Anthony Huang