V8 Plus Review


The design of the V8 Plus is very sleek. For its rather small size, it would not be immediately apparent that this device packs such a strong output, but it does! The black trim around the edges gives it a nice contrast in color to the sleek aluminum finish on the top and bottom. Overall, the design is simple and sleek. What it does lack in design, however, is the ability to adjust the height of the projector, as well as the ability to mount. These are features we’ve seen in the original Z1 model that perhaps could add a functionality boost to the V8 Plus. Nevertheless, the V8 plus makes an excellent choice if you are looking for a low profile, sleek, and simple projector to use.


Picture Quality

The V8Plus has the highest definition available for a projector in the market, with a 4K display. See below for examples of the image quality.



Sound is very clear, and has a large range for loudness. For a more amplified sound, it is suggested to connect to a Bluetooth speaker or soundbar for an enhanced experience. When using the Bluetooth connection, the projector will automatically detect the Bluetooth device anytime it is connected, so there is no need to re-connect every time. Connecting a new device is relative simple, and easy to do by following the prompts in the Bluetooth menu.



The interface has been redesigned on the V8 Plus. It is now simpler and easier to find what you need. At the very top is the Date, Time, and Status bars, followed by the main/ popular functions, and at the bottom is the quick access bar for APPs which is customizable by clicking the + Button.




The V8 Plus has access to a lot of the most popular Apps, such as YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Netflix, and Hulu. You can also browse the internet with its integrated browser.



Connecting via the HDMi is relatively easy. You can connect your Windows or Mac laptop via HDMI, then select the “HD” button on the main page for the projector to switch. It will not switch automatically as in previous models.  The other ports, such as the USB, TF, audio, and microUSB work well as expected.




Overall, the V8 Plus is a very powerful projector that packs a lot of features in its small size. It is a sleek, modern projector that looks great, and performs all of the functions you would expect of a smart TV - whether it's accessing APPs such as Netflix or Youtube, or simply browsing the internet or your picture gallery, you can do all of this and more in a  stunning 4K display. The visual and audio quality are superb, which for the price as compared to other 4K projectors, is quite the value. 

Anthony Huang
Anthony Huang